Dog after the bath


Enjoy exclusive discounts as a resident of The Local, as well as additional savings and perks with the following packages:

FREE SPIRIT | You call us when you’re ready, with no binding schedule. Enjoy 5% off as a Local Resident.

FREQUENT TRAVELER | Schedule your pet for a monthly groom. Enjoy 5% off as a Local resident, and an additional 5% on each appointment for a total of 10% off all services. Free dental care package is included with each groom.

CLEAN MACHINE | Keep your pet squeaky clean with a standing bi-weekly appointment. Enjoy 5% off as a Local resident, and an additional 10% off each appointment for a total of 15% off all services. Free dental care package, soothing nose and paw massage using our house made all-organic balm, and upgraded accessory included with each groom.

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Girl with her dog at home


Untamed Pet provides latch-key services for those that are frequently busy in the office (or out with friends). We work directly with The Local to provide the option of having a qualified pet professional take care of your pets while you are away. All we require is an in person consult prior to first groom, and we can handle the rest.

Shiba Inu dog an appointment at the beautician


Not ready for a full groom? Book us for any of our “small services” such as nail care, ear care, light trim-work, and more.

Cheerful puppy sitting on the sofa and looking at the camera. Boston terrier.


Step 1: Fill out New Client Application

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Step 3: Call, text, or use our Book Online feature to schedule your first appointment.

If you would like to schedule a Bath & Brush appointment that utilizes The Local’s on-site grooming suite, just specify this in the appointment notes, or let your representative know when booking your appointment (this option is currently unavailable for full haircuts).