Grooming Education

Grooming doesn’t need to be stressful - and nobody knows your dog better than you. Grooming your own pet not only helps with essential maintenance, but also serves as an important bonding experience between you and your dog.

Allow yourself to experience the benefits of complete control over your pet’s care, without sacrificing on quality. Learning to groom your pet under the supervision of an experienced professional pet groomer not only will ensure that you are using recommended skin & coat care techniques, and styling tricks, but also that you have a full understanding of important safety protocols and handling methods.

Pricing: All sessions will include the full cost of the groom + $50/hr *



Session 1: Introductory

In this session we will go over hands on bathing & brushing techniques. You will learn how to safely clip + file your pets nails, and give a professional Bath & Brush-out. You will learn advanced shampooing techniques, blowdrying tricks, ear care, skincare, and brush techniques tailored to your pet’s specific coat. This course is designed for all breeds.

Session 2: Basic Trim Work

In this session we will go over your dog’s basic structure, coat type, and basic trim options. You will learn how to trim your dogs feet, clean up around your dog’s eye area, and keep your dogs sanitary areas short and clean. All grooming tools required for this course must be purchased ahead of time. Session 2 must be completed prior to appointment.


Photo by dusanpetkovic/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by dusanpetkovic/iStock / Getty Images

Session 3: Basic Clip

In this course you will learn how to do an all over trim on your pet. You will learn reference points on the body, how to choose the correct length for your dog, and critical safety guidelines for completing a full groom. You will learn basic scissoring techniques to ensure all trims look tidy and complete. For breeds that do not get length taken off of the body, we will focus on hand scissoring techniques. As practice makes perfect, you may book this session for as long as you need to feel comfortable with your tools. All grooming tools required for this course must be purchased ahead of time. Session 1-2 must be completed before appointment.

Session 4: Technique Development

In this course you will learn advance scissoring techniques. You may at this time request to learn specific styles, such as Freestyle Grooming, specified breed standard cuts, or any creative styles you may want to try out. You will practice advanced grooming techniques under the supervision of your groomer, and will be given exercises to practice on your own time. This Course may be combined with Session 3, and can be booked as often as you like.

  • All course tools will be outlined in the provided syllabus upon enrollment, and must be purchased prior to appointment unless other arrangements have been made. These courses are designed for the purpose of expanding owner knowledge on how to groom and care for their own pet, and does not serve as a certification or licensing to perform grooming services on other pets, or for commercial purposes.