Our store is operated by a small team of pet groomers dedicated to testing new products so that we can hand select the very best tools, treats, toys, and more for your pet.  We started our careers in the pet industry by learning the art of dog grooming, and that experience has helped us curate a store engineered towards improving both the inner and outer wellness of pets, taking into account the unique differences between each breed.  

We don't sell anything that we don't use on our own pets.  Curious about a product?  Send us a message!  








The current pet market has thousands of options for your pet when it comes to toys, treats, shampoo, brushes, clothing, etc.  Lucky for you, everyone who curates our store has one thing in common:  we hate 90% of what the current pet industry has to offer.  

What this means:
Each item that gets sold on our store first has to pass through the hands of our staff, and personally tested by actual groomers for quality.   We hand select skin care treatments, ear care solutions, treats toys and the likes based on how they will tangibly improve the beauty and quality of life for your pet.  

Found a product that looks cool but not willing to gamble on quality?  Let us know! We will gladly test out new products on your behalf and let you know what we think.